15 Things Moms of a Toddler Would Never Say

After you survived those first crazy months with a newborn, you think things are finally falling into place and you´ve found your flow as a mom. You have established some sort of routine with meals and naptime, the baby starts to entertain him/herself for 10minutes so you can quickly unload the dishwasher and sleeping through the night is almost a real concept in your household. Well, enjoy this happy I-got-this-feeling for as long as it lasts because, sorry for the newsflash, it won´t last long. Before you know it you will be entering the toddler phase which brings a new whole type of chaos to your house.

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Random Thoughts During Breastfeeding

It´s almost 6 months ago that I stopped breastfeeding. After stopping, the only random thought I often have is that now I understand why people keep going for years and years because honestly, what you´re left with after stopping is a pretty sad situation. Yes, you have your “freedom” back: no more pumping machines, no more looking at the clock to see if a tiny glass of wine is allowed, no more feeding or pumping schedules making your working life quite a logistical nightmare… But where a lot of people say “you have your body back”, I am not sure I agree, because that part of my body is almost non-existent now!

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Why Moms Make Better Employees – How to Use Your Mom Skills

When applying for a new job or getting a promotion, women between 25 and 35 often think they might be at a disadvantage. Whether this is true or not, fact is that that´s for many women the age group they might be starting a family or are busy running their new family. But if we think about, is that really a disadvantage? Because the way I see it, there are a lot of advantages of having a mom-employee since in many aspects moms can make better employees and have some very unique skills.

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15-min workout for busy moms – part III (Incl. Free Printable!)

In the last two weeks, we looked at the first and second part of a three-part series of quick and simple workout for busy moms that you can do from anywhere and anytime. So today is time to share the last workout and see how we can fit this in our week.

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Dear Single Mom… An Open Letter to Single Moms

Dear single mom,

I have always had this special admiration for you for doing most of this motherhood thingy alone, but this month that admiration went to a whole new level. Let´s face it, being a mom can be freaking hard and I really had to adjust to this new life but I did have someone to share the load with. You probably didn´t, single mom.

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