My Sister Passed Away, Who Will Be Next?

In the aftermath of my sister passing away, I have long struggled with the fear of who was going to be next. As the oldest of five kids, I have always felt very responsible for the other four and that somehow I had to protect them from everything that could go wrong or could be painful. This ranged from waking my sister up every morning so she wouldn’t come late to obsessively controlling where they were going and why.

Yep, I was that annoying oldest sister.

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Momlife Friday Favorites + Blog Link-up #8

Woohoooo, it´s Friday and we have a busy weekend ahead here! Tomorrow I am headed to Valencia for two indoor hockey matches (which we´re probably going to lose but hey, it´s all about the fun right?) and Sunday C has an indoor match, followed by some tapas and in the afternoon a playdate with friends. Can´t wait! This week has been a busy one, both at work and at home.

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I Don´t Know How She Does It – with Sara Robinson

Next up in “I Don´t Know How She Does It” we have Sara from Get Mom Balanced. She is a coach, freelance writer, blogger and stays home with her two kids. I have been following Sara online for a while already and she always seems to have it together, and as the name of her blog implies to have found a balance. I, for one, really want to know how she manages it all!

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Must-haves when traveling with a baby

This post has been sponsored by The Baby Cubby but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Since the bichin was born we have been travelling A LOT with him. Not because both of us are travel addicts and we continued our travel pace with a baby but out of necessity because my dad back home got very sick. Our first trip with the little guy was a road trip to Italy when he was 6 weeks old for my best friend´s wedding but at that same wedding we got the news about my dad and soon after that a year of constant travelling started. So yes, you could kind of say we are experts in traveling with a baby.


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