Choosing Joy Over Grief

Yet here we are, it’s almost “next year” and one thing is for sure: it’s not going to be a normal Christmas. How can it be without my dad? Read now or pin for later. Since my parents go divorced when I was 12, Christmas was always celebrated with my dad. There was never a discussion, it was at my dad´s place and everybody would be there at least one of the days. My dad, his new wife, her kids and the five of us. In all those years I think I only missed once because we decided to stay in Spain with my parents-in-law and I hated it. So the years after, the hubby knew better than asking what we would do for Christmas; my dad´s it was.

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Momlife Friday Favorites Birthday Edition + Blog Link-up #3

Soooo it´s my birthday today! How´s that for a fri-yay? I am turning freaking 30 today, and I am honestly a bit in shock. I know it´s just a number, but still it just feels quite old suddenly. Since this birthday is probably not part of my favorites (I know it´s stupid but still, I don´t feel ready yet to leave the twenty-something stage!), in this mom life Friday favorites edition I will be sharing 30 things you might not know about me. And don´t forget to link-up below!

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I Don´t Know How She Does It – with Aimee Gonzalez Niebuhr

Next up in “I Don´t Know How She Does It” we have Aimee Gonzalez Niebuhr from Mama Centric.  Aimee is not only a homeschooling mom of 3 but is also an amazing writer (as if homeschooling 2 kids while entertaining a baby wasn´t busy enough yet!). I really admire this awesome mama because she writes so pure, so honest and so raw that it´s hard not to be moved after reading her stories. I have no idea when she finds the time to pour her heart out on paper between being a SAHM of 3 and her husband having a very tough working schedule so I figured this super mama must either not sleep or be a complete coffee addict (but probably both).

Check out her tips to get it all done!

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Kids Trying French Food

I have always been a picky eater, and I must have been horrible for my parents to deal with (sorry mom!). If something didn´t look good or looked simply weird or unknown, I wouldn´t eat it. And somehow i always left something on my plate, no matter how much I liked the dish I would never finish my plate completely. I guess the bichin doesn´t have his food addiction for ANY type of food from me.

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