Sickness, sleepless nights and leaps

Time for a little update from the Hernández-Franssen house. To say that the last weeks have been rough would have been the understatement of the century. Apart from all the chaos that came from buying a new house, moving and renting out our old place, the bichin started daycare in September basically meaning that he has been getting all the germs and every possible form of flu you can think off.

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I don´t Know How She Does It – with Kelsey van Kirk

I am super stoked to kick off the “I Don´t Know How She Does It” series with a lady I am greatly admiring and who takes planning to a whole different level. Seriously, when I got in touch with Kelsey my mouth fell open every time I read her updates and learned what she was up to. My guess was that she either never sleeps or her kids must be the biggest nappers in the history because otherwise, I don´t know how she gets it all done. I was already a big fan of time blocking and planning but after joining Kelsey´s e-course Makeover Your Homemaking I even got more serious about it (can definitely recommend this course, you will get so much value out of it!). So, meet Kelsey, a home-schooling mom of 4 (!!!) beautiful girls who, as if homeschooling 4 kids isn´t busy enough, is also running her own business.

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12 Must-Have Unisex Christmas Jumpers for Kids

It may sound still very far away but Christmas will be here before we know it! And what more fun to prepare for the holidays and get into the mood already then with some awesome Christmas jumpers? Ok, let´s admit it, Christmas jumpers can be pretty ugly or just completely wrong. However, most of them are so wrong or ugly, that they are kind of awesome! We started this little family tradition when my best friend gave us a mini Christmas jumper for Lucas from the UK (probably the country that takes this xmas jumper thingy the most serious!) and I love how ridiculous you look when the whole family wears a good old jumper.

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The Side Effect Of Mom Life I Hate

If there´s one word I don´t like to have in my dictionary, it would probably be vulnerable, I simply hate showing my vulnerable side. So as a young girl I already mastered the art of hiding my true feeling and I was a champ at talking about your drama´s but would definitely not get into too much detail about my own. Letting people come too close meant they could really hurt me, and since I don´t like being hurt I decided to just keep up a very strong wall to prevent that from happening. I wanted to be a strong person and so that´s who I decided to be and no matter what happened, they wouldn´t get me down, I would keep going. I was resilient and would not show my weak sides.

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