The Side Effect Of Mom Life I Hate

If there´s one word I don´t like to have in my dictionary, it would probably be vulnerable, I simply hate showing my vulnerable side. So as a young girl I already mastered the art of hiding my true feeling and I was a champ at talking about your drama´s but would definitely not get into too much detail about my own. Letting people come too close meant they could really hurt me, and since I don´t like being hurt I decided to just keep up a very strong wall to prevent that from happening. I wanted to be a strong person and so that´s who I decided to be and no matter what happened, they wouldn´t get me down, I would keep going. I was resilient and would not show my weak sides.

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Why Moms Should Stop Telling Each Other It Will All Get Better After X Months

The first weeks after the bichin was born, we obviously lived in a haze. He was definitely not one of those unicorn babies that just slept the whole time and after a few nights with very few sleep we just changed into zombies with dark circles until under our knees. The lack of sleep, the breastfeeding that didn´t really work resulting in me feeding him for hours with only an hour break in between (also during the night), the fact that he didn´t gain enough weight, not knowing why he was crying this time… being a new mom is freaking hard! But then in those first weeks, some other mom will tell you that it will get better, around 6-8 weeks it will all get better, you will find some kind of rhythm and he will sleep better etc. So, despite being completely sleep deprived and wondering whether you´re going insane, you know there is light at the end of the tunnel because it will all get better in a few weeks, right?

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Our 10 Favourite Books To Read Before Bedtime

I have always been a bookworm and was reading ALL. THE. TIME. When I was young at some point it was hard to still find books in my age category in the library that I hadn´t read yet and when we went on holidays I would take 10kilos of books. Since I became a mom, my reading rhythm has definitely stagnated, but we try to read a lot to the little guy. Especially in the evening after his bath and dinner, reading a book ( or two, or three) is a fixed part of our bedtime ritual. We´re reading mainly English and Dutch books, but a lof of my all-time Dutch favorites are also available in English. Some of the books we read now used to be mine when I was young so they don´t look too awesome anymore but it´s really nice to re-use my childhood favs!

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I Don´t Know How She Does It – Inspiring Moms

Remember the book (and movie with Sarah Jessica Parker?) “I Don´t Know How She Does It”? There´s this career mom (Sarah Jessica Parker) which gets the opportunity to work on an amazing project which is really good for her career, but makes her family life so much more complicated (which was already quite a chaos) due to all the travel and long hours. At the same time she decides to take the project, her husband also gets a new gig to make things even more challenging.

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5 Things To Do Before Going To Bed

Ever lay in bed staring at the ceiling because you can´t sleep despite being completely exhausted? Random to do´s lists in your head and worrying because of all the things you didn´t get to today but should have because tomorrow is going to be busy again…. Sounds familiar? For me it does, and I found that for me it´s all about getting in the sleeping mood by having my night time ritual. Pretty simple and straightforward, change your going to bed ritual by implementing these 5 easy habits and fall asleep much quicker while getting a better night of rest.

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